Remotely operated snake robot

This project consists of a snake-like robot, which moves by dragging itself using friction, just like a snake would. It is remotely controlled via an android application which allows the “driver” of the snake to move the robot forwards, backwards, left and right, while also watching a real-time 720p video feed from the nose of the snake, the snake has an array of frontal high-brightness LEDs which can be toggled to enable a better view in low-light environments.

A computer generated 3D model of the robot was created before the mechanical model was constructed. This model was used to simulate the movements of the snake before its construction.  In the final draft, the parts were designed hollow because it allowed to reduce the weight of the robot, and also provide some space to fit all the mechanical and electronic parts.


A mechanical 3D model of the snake, head at the far right.

The snake has seven modules, each module has its own servo motor which enables a module to move with respect to the adjacent modules. Each module has one degree of freedom which will allow either vertical -perpendicular to the floor- or horizontal -parallel to the floor- movements. This placement of modules allows the robot to move both in a straight line and in a sinusoidal fashion, allowing the driver to easily move past obstacles.

The snake also has various sensors which help the driver know the conditions of the environment where the snake is. These sensors are:

  • An MQ3 gas sensor
  • A DHT11 Humiture sensor
  • An infrared obstacle sensor
  • A microphone – Used to detect and stream sound
  • A digital temperature sensor

The robot uses Wi-Fi to communicate to the android app, it uses a static IP and a set port command communication and another for the streaming of real-time status -video and sensor- data.