Software developer & Electronics Engineer

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.

— Bill Nye

About me

Hi! I’m Alejandro, I was born in Venezuela, where I lived most of my life. After finishing high-school, I spent a year as an exchange student in Germany. I speak Spanish, English and a bit of German.

I’m a dog person, I love traveling and learning new things. I typically spend my free time watching movies and TV shows; action, adventure and sci-fi are my favourite genres. I also enjoy playing the occasional video game and regularly listen to podcasts like StarTalk and The Amp Hour.

I recently decided to move to Canada back in 2018, a decision I consider one of the best one’s I’ve ever made; Canada is an incredibly diverse, welcome, open and friendly place to live in!

I’m a developer

I’m a software developer, graduated from La Universidad del Zulia.

I’m passionate about computer programming; I specialize in developing Android applications using Java (learning Kotlin!), I’m also learning iOS at the moment.

I’ve also done some embedded programming (mostly Atmel AVR, a couple Microchips) and web development & deployment (LEMP stack; PHP, Wordpress, Javascript, Nginx, MySQL). I have experimented with game development for a while with Epic’s UDK3.

Check out some of my projects on GitHub!


I’m also into electronics

I also studied electronics engineering, graduated from Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin.

I’m enjoy building circuits that control discrete analog components using microcontrollers, joining both low-level electronics and high-level embedded code.

You will see me programming an Arduino, interfacing it with random electronic components, while reading up hobby projects  and documentation. I also spend hours of my time fiddling with inexpensive low-power Raspberry Pi type boards.


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